#1 Tea cafe or Tea House


Welcome to the world of Tea cafe where I would be putting light on the unique start up as using a simple and popular ingredient called TEA. We all have visited at least one cafe in our lifetime. Many of you might have visited world cafes but never wondered about the product. But the question is,

“What these cafe’s offer to customers?”

I am sure not many of us ever felt the need to analyse the product as we are in hurry to make our ends meet.

But I am here to throw lights on some facts to all the budding entrepreneurs who are yet searching their start-up idea.

The World is full of world class multinationals or multinational corporations offering coffees.  Top notches are –

Star bucks, Costa, Barista, Cafe coffee day.”

But what they have to offer apart from infrastructure, “coffee” and some of its variants like Mocha, cappuccino, espresso (short black), Double Espresso (Doppio), Ristretto, Café Latte, Long Macchiato, Short Macchiato.

Don’t you think “that’s it?”

I mean in just coffee these Multinationals have made billions of bucks.

Then why can’t we make millions by selling Tea variants?

Why isn’t there is a Multination like Starbucks with the only product as Tea?

Maybe the obvious reason is either top MNC not interested in exploring the tea market or people are not ready to taste them.

Whatever be the reason is, the world is yet to see a company selling only tea and its variants and interestingly making billions out of it.

So whose is going to take a risk, or give the world a new billion dollars company?

 Yes, of course, we can also hit millions out of tea it just neither people tried nor they wondered.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 countries and their consumption of coffee and tea.

But our analysis is not just restricted to world top 10 countries. There are many lefts but unfortunately, all can’t be compared here. Because that’s not our topic.

We are going to learn the new start up by simply using TEA as a product.

So,is it a joke making million dollars selling only tea?

No, not at all, I am not in a mood to joke

“Different countries, different people like different types of tea”

I am sure you all agree with me.

Like coffee, tea also doesn’t have many variants across the globe but that doesn’t mean they can’t be made.  This is the core of this article preparing various variants of unexplored tea.

[Types of Tea popular across the globe]
  1. Black
  2. Green
  3. White
  4. Yellow
  5. Oolong
  6. Dark (also called pu’erh)
  7. Honey tea
  8. Honey Nut
  9. Matcha
  10. Herbal
  11. Rooibos Tea
  12. Mate Tea
  13. Blooming Tea
  14. Tea Blends.

Needless to write the steps of preparing these teas here as half of them we all are familiar and remaining can be found easily on the internet.

 So what is important in the whole idea?

This start-up is based on exploring the variants of TEA which has a huge probability of hitting success.

Not just in developed nations which are obsessed with the COSTA or STARBUCKS but also developing nations whose masses can’t afford those expensive coffees. So let’s discuss now some of the variants that can be created.

  • Ginger Tea-

This is quite a popular one in India in winters but still a new beverage for the foreign market. Prepare a tea normally as you prepare and add ginger as per your taste.

Not only is this tasty but also good for health.

  • Spicy Tea –

Add clove and cinnamon powder to tea to give it a new taste.

  • Lemon Iced Tea-

Boil a jug of water, Place the tea leaves inside a tea ball. To prevent them from floating everywhere squeeze some fresh lemons. Stir well. Add a cup of sugar (the amount depends on your taste and the quantity of water). Stir well and Pour the lemon tea into a glass.

  • Lemon Tea-

Add the water to a pan and boil it. Now add the tea powder and let the water simmer for a minute. Take the pan off the heat and add the lemon juice and sugar. Mix well until the sugar and lemon juice dissolve completely. Strain the tea into a bowl. Serve hot. All kind of tea are not just tasty but helps in losing weights.

  • Honey lemon Tea-

 Add the water to a microwave-safe mug. Now add the honey to the mug.

Microwave the mug for around 2 minutes. Take out and stir in the lemon juice until the honey dissolves, and add the sugar if needed. Serve Hot.-

  • Honey Lemon Ginger Tea-

Heat the water in a pan. Before the water bubbles, add the chopped ginger. As it boils, proceed to add lemon juice and honey (if needed). Strain it into a cup. Serve Hot.

  • Flowering tea-

Flowering tea should be brewed at 100 °C (212 °F) in clear glass teawares for up to three minutes. 

  • Cold brew and sun tea-

Sun tea is made by steeping the tea leaves in a jar of unheated tap water left in the sun.

  • Herbal Tea-

Herbal tea is the only tea that does not contain any leaves from the Camellia plant family. It can be of three types

  1. Rooibos tea b)
  2. Mate tea c)
  3. Herbal infusions. Herbal infusions consist of pure herbs, flowers, and fruits. They can be delicious hot or iced.
  •  Yerba Mate

An infusion brewed from the dried leaves and stems of the Ilex paraguarensis tree, mate has a robust, earthy flavour that provides natural energy as well as a healthy dose of antioxidants

  • Chamomile

Chamomile is used as a nurturing herbal tea ideal for countering PMS, easing stress, relieving headaches and enhancing a peaceful night’s sleep

<I hope I have given you enough idea about your new start-up fitting in your budget/>


Can blogging can be a million dollar business?

We rarely heard from people to choose blogging as a career instead of reliable and high yielding careers such as a doctor, engineer, bankers, charted account etc. These careers not only give you money but also guarantee you huge money as experience mounts. You get a handsome salary while working to add more to your pleasure companies increases the competencies by offering perks and retirement benefits. So not only your present, future but retirement is also secured.

So why on earth anyone will choose the blogging career?

Well, this topic I have already covered in my previous article reasons to start blogging. Please refer it before further reading this post.

So let’s continue our discussion on the possibility of blogging as a million dollar business.

Well, in my views surely it is million dollar industry but people becoming a millionaire from it is still a question panicking many minds. And I am here to resolve your panic. Let’s take an example when you log in to internet and type on Google you are redirected to either website or blogs which many of you don’t notice but Google doesn’t answer your queries it is either some website or blogs. Daily 3.5 billion searches are done on Google alone. Imagine the total number of searches together done on Google, Bing, yahoo, and safari.

Now imagine the total number of website and blog existing in the world of internet. When there is such a vast number of traffic available your chances are huge to drive some part of the traffic to your blog and earn.

Same as every company makes profits with the number of its customers purchasing its products. Or you can say more the number of people more profits. Similarly, in blogging larger the number of traffic bigger is your gain.

Can a non technical person start a blog?


I caught you, am I right?

Yes I know I caught you because all non-engineers wonder this question. Indeed this question stops them for even imagining blogging as a career. Same you might be pondering that’s why you are here.

Well, if you are an engineer and planning to start a blog that will give you an edge over the non-engineers but that doesn’t mean non-engineers don’t have any future in blogging.

Of course, engineers have the added advantage of technical skills but non-engineers need not bother. As technology has made the work cake walk for non-engineers also.

The bottom line is yes, non-technical or non-engineers can surely think of starting a career in blogging. The reason is simple and easy, Google BlogSpot and word press have made blogging very easy for budding bloggers.

You can choose the platform to blog from BlogSpot and WordPress.  Sign up in either of the platforms which for your surprise is free. Yes, free absolutely free. And free things attract both bloggers and readers.


For signup, you just need the valid email id and your name and the domain name (Niche)  which I discussed in the earlier article. Password of course as per your choice. After sign up, you will get various options and most important one is choosing the plan.

Both the platform gives you the opportunity to choose between free and paid blog. This is up to you which plans you want to continue

For a beginner, it’s good to start with the free blog later when you learned about it, you can shift to the paid or professional blogger’s services. If the beginner is an engineer then surely he can customizes the blog as per own choice by coding.

Non-technical people can design blog by choosing themes available for free. Now when all the customization is done you can start publishing the post of your desired topic.


151 blogging ideas!!!

  1. Advice
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Android vs. IOS
  4. Animals
  5. Antiques
  6. Area 51
  7. Art and craft
  8. Astrology
  9. Beauty
  10. Beauty tips
  11. Best – ofs
  12. Best free android applications
  13. Best holiday places
  14. Best of all
  15. Best of world
  16. Blogging
  17. Books
  18. Business
  19. Care
  20. Career interviews
  21. Cars
  22. Celebrity’s interviews
  23. Consumer Tech
  24. Contest
  25. Cooking
  26. Cybercrime
  27. Dating
  28. Do aliens exist
  29. Education
  30. Engineering
  31. Entertainment
  32. Entrepreneurship
  33. Ethical hacking
  34. Famous places to visit
  35. Farming
  36. Fashion
  37. Finance
  38. Fitness
  39. Flowers
  40. Free movies online
  41. Frequently asked questions
  42. Funny pictures
  43. Funny stories
  44. Future
  45. Gadgets
  46. Games
  47. Gaming
  48. Gifts
  49. Global breaking news
  50. Global sports event
  51. Guides
  52. Hacking
  53. Handbags
  54. Handloom
  55. Hangout ideas
  56. Health
  57. Helpful online tools
  58. History
  59. Holiday snacks
  60. Hollywood
  61. Horoscope
  62. How to click best selfies
  63. Images
  64. Information technology
  65. Inspirational quotes
  66. Interior design
  67. Internet
  68. Interviews
  69. Jewellery
  70. Jokes
  71. Journalism
  72. Just chill
  73. Kitchen
  74. Knowing women better
  75. Life hacks
  76. Lifestyle
  77. Listicles
  78. Local News
  79. Love
  80. Lovebirds
  81. Love marriage vs. Arrange
  82. Love quotes
  83. Luxury Bags
  84. Magic
  85. Making money online
  86. Making of childhood
  87. Marketing
  88. Marriage
  89. Media
  90. Medicines
  91. Military
  92. Miracles
  93. Motivation
  94. Movies
  95. Musicians
  96. Mythology
  97. Myths exposing
  98. Nail art
  99. Novels
  100. Numerology
  101. Online education
  102. Online marketing
  103. Organic farms
  104. Parenting
  105. Partying
  106. Personality improvement
  107. Pets
  108. Photography
  109. Playing
  110. Playlist
  111. Politics
  112. Predictions
  113. Pregnancy
  114. Product reviews
  115. Quiz
  117. Recipes
  118. Relationships
  119. Religion
  120. Romance
  121. Science
  122. Search engine optimisation [SEO]
  123. Self defence
  124. Self improvement
  125. Share market
  126. Soccer
  127. Social networking
  128. Spirituality
  129. Sports
  130. Stocks
  131. Surfing
  132. V shows
  133. Technology
  134. Top players
  135. Toys
  136. Training
  137. Travel & tour
  138. Travel checklist
  139. Troubleshooting guides
  140. True stories
  141. Tutorials
  142. Upcoming events
  143. Video games
  144. Watches
  145. Weather
  146. Wine selection
  147. Wish
  148. Wonders of world
  149. World news
  150. World without humans
  151. Writing style

What to blog about? What are the blog types?



“It’s never too late” I hope you all have heard this many times before. Whatever your age may be or conditions you can still try a long swim in the online ocean of surplus opportunities.

I am right or not?

I am sure you might be convinced with me if not, no problem because at the end you will get insightful about the successful blog topics.

We all are blessed with one skill I presume this for everyone. If we know our hidden treasure it became easy for you to start blogging.  However, if you are still vague about your precious hidden talent don’t distress, I am here to slay the blogging topics.

My first advice to everyone who plans to start a blog is to choose a niche (topic) which either is your hobby or expertise in it. Don’t just go with the flow of internet and stuck in the middle like an amateur.

The Internet is already flooded with the millions of website almost for everything you need. Hundred of thousand blogs on similar topics with in-depth research and another million are in the pipeline. So chose your topic you are best in it plus it should be good enough for masses to fascinate or in simple words, your blog should be useful for people. It should serve its purpose of solving people’s queries. But there are some blog which are not meant to provide some information or sort out your queries but to simply keep you updated with the world or entertain you.



Types of blogs

[Personal ]

Like you have a personal loan, personal mobile number, personal car and thousands of other personal things which exclusively you alone own.

Well, the word “Personal” itself says the story.

Likewise, you own a personal blog which meant to share your individual thoughts or stories whichever you want to reveal to the world. It can also be called as digital diary accessible to the world.

[Genre ]

We all watch movies and love one particular kind. It’s no hidden secret that majority of girls like romantic movies whereas boys like action, Sci-fiction. There are also millions who are thrill maniac. The genre is nothing but one particular kind or dedicated to the specific field. Same applies to blog genre which means blog specifically dealing in one area, like health, fitness, books, media, journalism, politics, fashion, technology, quiz, lifestyle, furniture, jokes etc.

[Micro blogging]

Before unleashing the Microblogging it’s important to know the “Micro” that means tiny. Microblogging simply means sharing the digital content online but in short and precise form may be with your close friend or acquaintance or the world. You all are familiar with the world of microblogging sites like Facebook, twitter, Tumblr.  That is where you share the content in form of pictures, articles, write up and videos.

[Group Blogs]

By Group itself it means more than one. You will find many blogs which are operated by more than one author or writer. It’s no different than other blogs but the content is shared by more than one author. To get the help from other author is a brilliant idea because “two minds are better than one” plus it cut your working time that gives you more comfort to work better. On the grey side, your income also gets shared which you may like or dislike depending on your tuning with your co- author.


There are almost all big corporate giants spend the whopping amount on branding to penetrate into the market to attract more customer. They recruit professional to write tempting articles to lure more customers. This practice is not just limited to big fortune 500 companies but also small organisations who don’t find a place in top 500 but play in million dollars.


Political parties hire agencies to maintain a blog for them to connect to their constituencies and also to attract more voters.


People military blog to report the happenings around them and stay connected with their family members.


There are people who love to share their things like photos, personal stories, articles but limit their access to family, friends and relatives.


We all have one favourite sportsman/ sportswoman to whom we want to follow and know about his/her life.

But where we will find them?

That’s blog where they or their manager update about them for their huge fan following.

[How? (Tips & Tutorial)]

The Internet is not a new sensation in the 21st century. We all use it and so do encounter with many problems.  Again to get the answers to these problems we log into the internet and type it on search engines. Most favourite among them, however, is Google. But it’s not the Google who answer our questions but various blogs which are dedicated to particular field which has all answer of our “why”

Well, these are also called Tutorial blog and to simplify you one among them is the one you are reading. Yes the address “www.loginhaks.com


There are universities, colleges, institutions which maintain pro blog for students to keep updated with their curriculum to students. But this practice is not just limited to the institution but there are many pro bloggers whose niche is education. It’s not just their profession but also hobby or can be called as social service. As its education only because of which I’m talking about a blog, writing and you are reading.


The sole purpose of this kind of blog is to deliver information to the world. Not just for the monetary purpose but for updating the world about a particular area. As all people can’t have their presence on television or in a newspaper they chose the blogging medium to do the work of television or newspaper.


As long as there is the internet there are search engines having billions of people finding their answers. But how accurately they will get their answers depends on the search engine optimisation which makes sure for the people and website owners to get the targeted audience and for people accurate answers.

But these blogs are not dedicated for the humans but in a cunning way fooling search engines to rank some website or blog on top of their list.

[Non- profit]

These kinds of the blog are built by the charity, NGO, the human right organisation to make awareness among the people and sometimes raise money for their social causes.


No doubt youtube is the biggest online platform for video uploading and watching but you can also create a blog and share your videos with the world to broaden your reach.

[Info graphic]

People find it interesting to read and share both the content which has information with the graphics.

[To do (Checklist)]

You are going abroad for the first time and don’t know what to carry.  Well, you don’t have to panic as long as you have access to the internet. There are various blog that will give you the complete list of things you would require before and after landing.


You love movies and this kind of bloggers love reviewing them or rating them. It’s not just movies but it can be reviewing some product TV show, celebrities and much more.




Things require to start blogging, what is Niche, Domain and Hosting ?


Welcome to the online world of enormous opportunities that gives you chance to discover yourself. Not just discover yourself but also earn bread and butter for you and your family. Blogging is one such opportunity for you. But on the other side of the coin, “it’s not easy to be a pro blogger.”

Let me not disappoint you at the very beginning of starting a blog. Let us just focus on the bright side; just put the smile back on your face because consistent right efforts in any fields bring the right results. Same goes for blogging.

So let’s unveil the ingredients of blogging.

  • Niche

An idea can change your life.” don’t ponder, let me simplify to you.

Just like when you complete your high school and get ready for the college, the very thing you choose is the subject in which you want to pursue your degree. AM I right?

Yes, we all followed the same process.

Similarly, before starting a blog you need to choose a niche (topic). It can be anything based on your liking or expertise in some field. Some niche can be, Search engine optimisation (SEO), Marketing, digital marketing, cooking, stories, fashion and many more. Choose the one in which you are good plus you enjoy doing it simultaneously.

  • Domain Registration

It’s not hard to understand domain registration. Just like any other registration, it doesn’t take days to months to register. It is done in a jiffy as it is completely online and is done with the few clicks.

Now let me explain you with an example.

When anyone come in this world he/she is given a name by parents that name is his/her identity by which you call them. Similarly, whenever anything is invented it is given a name by which world recognises it.

Similarly, you need to choose a name for your blog that people can identify from the millions of blog. E.g. www.loginhacks.com this is where you are reading this post.

The good part is either you can book your required domain from many online domain service providers economically or you will get free from hosting package so you don’t have to pay extra.

  • Hosting

Well, this is one crucial step in your blogging journey that has to be chosen wisely. You selected niche, named it now you need a host for it to go online. It simply means if you want to come in any search engine results you need host or hosting package that will host your blog on their online servers.  Well, there are ample of hosting providers in every country depending on your choice and budget you can book one.

The important part while choosing to host is the right plan according to your necessity.  Some of the hosting service providers are, BLUEHOST, ehost, HOSTGATOR, ipage etc. Before going for any service providers do compare their price and packages.

jet set go, launch your dream blog

5 Reasons to start Blogging right now


As you are reading this blog means you already made your mind to start blogging. But your mind is juggling with many hacks like the pros and cons of blogging, success and failure of it and much more. Surely you must be pondering it might require enormous time, money and most importantly it doesn’t come up the warranty card.

 Then why on earth start a blog?

Well, I have enough reasons for you!

  • I’m sure there are millions of people who are bored with their 9-6 jobs. Routine job work no more engrossed them. Bosses are no more bosses but unsatisfying morons who never get satisfied with the work. But treat you like a robot whose remote control is with the boss to whom you can’t bear a moment but have to sing and dance in accordance with the boss likes and dislikes.

If this is all happening with you then don’t waste your time and start searching for the niche which you would write about. Blogging will liberate you from the screams of the boss and will give you freedom from the companies never ending targets.

  • We all have once dreamed of having luxurious cars, sea facing bungalow, exploring the beautiful creation of god, the whole world. But we neither have time nor money to fulfil our dreams. I hope if you have not dreamed then surely at some back corner of your mind it is there but responsibilities suppressed it. To achieve all this you can surely think beyond the regular job and give a chance to your hidden talent of writing.


  • You love to spend time with your family, playing with your cute kids, romantic dinners but never get enough time to know your family better. Your overtime job has ruined your personal life. If weekdays are not sufficient your company ask you to work on weekends as well, threatening you for promotion. You are not left with any other options but to follow the company’s instructions and keep making the company richer day by day. Blogging allows you to design your own working time, it may be night or day, 5 hours a day or 10 hours completely your choice. You are your own boss and can enjoy extra time with your family and recall all those childhood games that you enjoyed in your childhood once again with your kids.


  • Many of you are party freak and night animal but the moment you signed your first corporate offer letter you forget partying. Instead of night animal, you are now a human robot or puppet of your job.

Maybe your last party was your graduation farewell party or if you are married bachelors party. You use to have many real friends to hang out but now you only have social networking friends good for chatting not for chilling. If you again want to restore to your college version with lots of time to chill switch to blogging and restore the party software.

  • I love the cosy comfort of my home but I am not home sick. However, the world is full of people who don’t want to leave their home and can spend their entire life in their homes. Well, there is no harm living all the time at home and earn bread and butter cutting the cost of To and fro. If you are homesick, love to live in home boundaries and want to live in a way to wake up- eat-work-eat-nap- work- sleep- and again eat…and continue this way then start blogging. It will make all your dreams come true under your roof.

What is Blogging ?


I am sure you remember the good old days when people use to use the diary to pen down their priceless thoughts.

You recalled right?

I’m sure you might have also tried it or gave a thought to it but maybe couldn’t do it.  But it’s not too late yet technology has taken over papers and has given us wonderful opportunity to save our trees.

Similarly, blogging is also penning our thoughts but digitally. But unlike diary blogging requires laptop or desktop to write. Dairy has limited number of pages but in blogging, you can have as many numbers of blogs. Blogs are also called the post with the recent one appearing first in blogging or depending on the setting you set.

A blog may consist of article, pictures or videos depending on your choice of blog niche. Blog niche in easy language is blog topic which you have chosen to blog about. Blogging has become so much popular because of its global reach and convenience of choosing our own topic and time. Blogging gives you a chance to practise your hobby by writing about your favourite topic or sharing your favourite pictures.

Blogging can also be coined as a digital diary.

It’s not just a platform to practice our hobby but also to can be made as a career. If the content of the blog is good and generate good traffic it can be a lucrative career for you. It can give you enough bread and butter to make your living out of a blog.